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3 things that keep me motivated when I feel like quitting

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Motivation Motivation can be hard especially during the summer months when you want to take the week off and and head to the beach. But, where I really struggle with staying motivated is during the school year when the kids are in school and all of their activities keep me hoping from one thing to another. Do they have their uniforms for practice? Who needs help with homework?  Is there a PTO meeting tonight? (I'll be honest, I rarely make these.) And my daily prayer... Lord, please keep everyone healthy. Then there are the occasional late night trips to the store for those I-need-this-by-tomorrow items. Motivation can die quickly. As a busy work from home mom, a mother of 4, and wife, there are days Im lucky to put on makeup and throw my hair in a bun. But, we need to serve God before we start building a list of daily chores. In moments that I feel I am taking on too much, I have to remind myself that the true meaning of life is pleasing God, not the world! I can tell when Im taking on too many "other" things because I feel as if there is no time for Jesus. I start putting him last. He should always be first. If I'm feeling like I have no motivation, I know I need to refocus my goals and my life. Dig deeper into the word for answers. Jesus wants us to remember that we can find rest in Him. He is the only one that can provide true happiness and Everything we need can come from Him. Our spouse or children can not provide everything we need out of life to make us happy. Neither can shopping, food, sex, exercise, a new car, a bigger house, vacations, money, or our friends and family. He wants you to be passionate about life and to stay motivated to serve Him. I wanted to give you 3 things that help me stay motivated when I feel like quitting. These things I know to be true.  1. I am a messenger to the world. (and so are you). Everyone has a message to share. We have all been through trials and tribulations that we have overcome and been able to press on. We all have baggage and a mess that Jesus has turned into a message. We need to share that with others. I believe my many messes I created as a young teen/young adult took years to change and it was because I had others praying for me.  Teen pregnancy, disappointing family members, and now a divorce as an adult are all apart of my message that I want to help other women grow through and rise up. It is my goal that everyday I can encourage someone else to have hope in their future and know they are not defined by their past.  2. My family is counting on me. I want to be the Godly wife my husband needs and the best mother my children need. They are looking to me for a role model. The way I walk, talk, do I read my Bible, go to church, how do I speak to others, do I love out a Godly life or just preach it, am I a hard worker or just tell my kids to work hard. How is my relationship with my husband? Am I the kind of wife Jesus would have me be as an example for my children? There are so many reasons my family is counting on me and I need to be that woman/mother they need. 3. Jesus has more in store for me than I could ever hope for.  I believe that Jesus has called me to write a book so therefore I am being obedient and have started this journey. There are parts of the book I am unsure what to write but knowing that God will provide me with the content, I keep writing and words keep coming. Im not proclaiming to be this profound writer but I know that if there is something God wants you to do he will provide a way for it to come to pass. Obeying his word when I am not sure which direction or how he wants to use me isn't easy. But, I do believe that God reveals things to us exactly when we need to know and see. I am so thankful for this. Jesus. Is. In. Charge. He has so much more in store for my life than I could even imagine. Why would I want to sell myself short on living out my dreams instead of living out what he has planned? These 3 things I mentioned above, know that they apply to you as well. Jesus can help you spend your time wisely. He can give you the strength and wisdom you need to stay motivated in life. Remember there are others depending on you and Jesus is one of them. He gave us all a job to do on this earth, and while this is just our temporary home, he wants us to be leaders and go forth in faith believing that he will return one day. There are so many people who have yet to hear the name of Jesus and who he is. He doesn't want us to waste our time but use it for his glory. For Jesus. Live out each day as if it were your last. Sharing the gospel of Jesus with others. He can provide you with the motivation you need when you feel weary at heart.  

"Now may the Lord of peace himself give you his peace at all times and in every situation."

2 Thessalonians 3:16

Blessings, Tyra          

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