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A time I struggled with being loyal

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loyalty Loyalty. According to the dictionary it is,"the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations." (  In life there are many things that I consider myself loyal to. I am loyal to my church, a few close friends, family, husband, children, and also you could include my favorite clothing and running shoe brand. Last, theres my favorite supplement and nutrition company that has helped me make adjustments to my health, and I will probably be a Lifer to them as well.  Has there ever been a time in your life where you struggled with being loyal? Heres my dilemma...

Let's be honest

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone else really showed up for you and now it was your turn? It may come at an inconvenient time when the dog needs walked, the kids are waiting for dinner, your husband is calling from work and would like for you to bring him his wallet which he left at home, and the next load of laundry needs to be loaded into the washer. Not to mention, all you want to do is sit down and have a few moments to yourself. (Heres where you agree and say, "yes, I've been there.) I had a friend in a bind call me one evening and I had a lot going on to say the least. Without hesitation I told myself, "I am just going to have to say no because I don't have time right now."  Hearing her desperate voice on the other end of the phone and how she was in need of immediate help. She had a flat tire on the side of the road and just needed a ride somewhere and later would have someone change the tire and drive her car home. Well, with a long pause, my thoughts ran quickly through my head and I wished I was in an episode of The Matrix. Then, I could pause time, get everything done, and come back home before anyone missed me. The ultimate scenario right?  And then like a screeching halt...I realized that this was real and I was not dreaming. She was waiting on my answer.  Have any of you experienced this? "Sure, Ill be right there," I replied. It put me in a position of compromising my time at home to help out a friend, but I knew that she would do the same for me. I told the kids I'd be right back, put my 17 year old in charge of finishing dinner, called my husband told him I could drop off his wallet as long as he ran outside to get it, and this would take care of everyone. Mission accomplished!  She thanked me, I returned back home within 45 minutes, and dinner was done. The kids had started eating and I took a moment to say "thank you Lord." It made me feel really good that I was able to handle all of the duties that called, but lets be realistic. Not every situation is like that. There will be times when its a piece of cake, times that won't go as smooth, and still others where you will need to be honest and say NO. I've been there and as a person who likes to please everyone, I've had to realize that this is not possible all of the time, and simply be okay with that, and move on.

What would you do if this was Jesus calling

Jesus wants us to be loyal to Him in every situation that he calls out our name. I knew what my friend needed in this situation so it made it easy to follow through and go and help her. But, what about those instances that God is calling and we have no idea why. He leads us down a path and we can't see the end, like a situation at work where we need to make a difficult decision and we have to jump out in faith. A time when you are being asked to lead a group of individuals and you feel you are unqualified. He may be asking you to volunteer, move to a new city, start a business, retire from a career you love, join a new church, start a conversation with a coworker you've never spoken to, or take baked goods to a neighbor. At the same time, he doesn't want you to feel overwhelmed with so much to do there is little time left for Him. In these moments, you have to be loyal to God and know that where he is leading you, he has already been there. Trust that he will take care of you, lead you, and carry you every step of the way. He will never leave for nor forsake you. But, he is calling you to do your part. Remember, Jesus will never make you feel condemned about decisions you make, but you may feel a conviction.  If he is pulling at your heart strings....act! There have been many times that I have had to blindly walk or run in a direction and trust wholeheartedly in the plans that God had for my life. It was very difficult, and as I am writing this to you I still face days I have no clue what Im doing. Parenting is an example. There is no book, pamphlet, or quick guide for raising kids. I pray often and believe that what I am doing is right, but occasionally I get things wrong. I have to apologize and ask for forgiveness from the kids and show them that I'm not perfect. My kids appreciate this and God gives us grace to make mistakes. Being loyal to companies has its perks such as coupon codes and early shopping days. Loyal friendships will give you others to lean on and create a community of trust and honesty.  But, nothing will give you the freedom to live and make decisions without guilt like living to serve Jesus. When this is your goal you want to help and serve others the best way you can. Your heart changed and he fills you with the understanding and joys of a servant heart. Your time for him is never wasted and he will make sure of that. Sometimes Jesus may be asking us to be there for others which also pleases him. He requires that we create community.

My prayer for you

I pray today, you would ask Jesus to help you remain loyal in your life. In a situation where you feel conflicted may he give you clarity and understanding to help you make a decision. Trust and know that this life isn't all about us and we need to offer our help and guidance to others in time of need.  The journey may feel long and hopeless, we may feel conflicted, and easily distracted; but remain faithful and loyal to the One who created you.

Proverbs 21:21 He who pursues righteousness and loyalty Finds life, righteousness and honor.

Blessings, Tyra

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