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He Knows My Name

Faith Feeling lost Tyra

He Knows My Name Have you ever felt that God has forgotten all about you? Wandering aimlessly through your day and having no real direction or guidance? I sure have. Its a very hard place to be. When I was younger, life was difficult and most days I felt like there was no real place I belonged. Day dreaming about what my life could be like, or hoping and wishing it could be different. How, I wasn't sure. As I grew a little older my life did change but it got worse. I used to hang around others that had a huge negative effect on me, and I was no means a leader of any sort. So, as a result I would get talked into hanging out and disobeying my parents. Never a drinker or a smoker, but loved the party scene. I wanted to be known by everyone and loved the attention and excitement it provided. I tell you all of this because through my journey and even now into adulthood, God has been with me all of this time. He never left my side. He has walked before me, carried me through life, and kept me from major harm. As an adult, looking back I truly appreciate what I have been through even though I created some huge messes along the way. But, God used my mess and turned it into my message. My life is far from perfect, and I fell short of his glory many times. But through it all, Jesus was with me and for that I am very thankful. Its hard to see what God is preparing you for when you are in the midst of a storm, however there is always a plan in place. Nothing is ever wasted with God. Living for him has brought great joy into my life every single day. Passing this onto my children and helping them grow in Christ has made me feel amazing as a parent, but I can't take credit for that. It was Jesus who provided me with what I needed to start leading my children to him. Jesus is the life saver, We are the lifeguard. All we can do is spread his word and tell our story to help lead others to him, but we can't save anyone. I know that your mess can be turned into your message as well if you just trust in his word. He will never fail you, he hears every prayer, he sees every tear you cry, he celebrates with you, and most of all he wants to be your comforter. Jesus has comforted me in the worst of situations that I thought were impossible to live through. There are many scriptures in the Bible which I love, but one of my greatest comforting scriptures is Psalm 139. I encourage you to read this scripture and take comfort in it when you are feeling like God doesn't know who you are.  Days you wake up feeling so depressed you don't even want to get out of bed. Those moments you are worrying about money and covering all of your bills for the month. In a time you and your spouse are fighting and you want to give up on your marriage. A day you may be facing a career change and aren't sure what direction to take. Finally, maybe you are raising a tough child and feel frustrated and hopeless.  Have faith. Nothing, and I mean nothing is a surprise to God. Remember, He knows your name and regardless of how you are feeling right now, Jesus has a plan for your life. Tell yourself "He knows my name." Trust and believe that. Be blessed, Tyra  

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