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The Unwritten Chapter

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Book writing In todays world, we live in a society that wants instant gratification, but too often focus on living in the age of 'tomorrow'.  Projects get moved to tomorrow, as well as to-do lists, home improvements, vacations, and even spending time with the family.  Trust me when I say I am including myself in this as well. I started my blog about 2 months ago and have slowly increased my love for writing. A new adventure, that if you would have asked me last year, I would have said, "No Way. I don't have time for that because Im too busy." Well, here I am of course writing to you as we speak. However I feel the Lord is calling me to write something much bigger than a blog. I've been sitting on the idea of writing a book for months, as well as a few other projects. So, I am being obedient, and starting my book. I am already working on the first chapter and already have the title picked out. Now, you are probably asking why I feel led to write this book, so allow me to share this with you.

A view into the past

I was raised by my mother in a poor environment and moved every year of my elementary and middle school years. We were on every government assistance possible and rarely had our own place to live. We stayed with other people from the church or family members. There was even a short time we lived out of our car and would stay in a local park at night to sleep. I would get up and wear the same thing to school the next day hoping no one would notice, or worse, smell me since we had no place to wash up. Told you times were bad, and this was just the beginning.

As I grew older, friends were very hard to come by as you can imagine. I was always the new person and didn't really try making friends since I knew we would be moving at the end of the year anyway. Being picked on and taunted was very scary. I would share a few occasions of this with my mother, but she never really understood. I ran away from home a handful of times and stayed with a few friends that I did make over the years. Disobedient was my middle name and I was not ashamed of this, (Im sure there were a few other middle names I was given). While I was on the run, I didn't go to school, became sexually promiscuous, and hung around some serious offenders of the law. Drugs were never apart of my life personally, but I was around people who were using and dealing. At age 17, I became a teen mother, went to live with my father who had no clue how to help me, and thank God I was able to finish high school. I had a few family members who stepped in and helped me out and I am extremely thankful. After, high school I went on to college, which I flunked out within 6 months. I just wasn't ready to take everything so serious and was not a good student to say the least. So, now that I've told you a little about my life story, there is still plenty to be told. And that is why I am writing a book to put pen to paper regarding my life. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. All of it. I can tell you my writing has gotten better over time and hopefully it will continue to get much better with Practice...Practice....Practice......

What is God calling you to do?

When God is calling you and leading you in a direction but you aren't sure why or how to move, trust Him for his direction. He will never tell you to do something and then leave you stranded without knowing what to do. I love this. Even though I am not sure how this book is going to go, I do know that God has spoken to me to write it so I will obey. Even if I am the only one who reads it, I still need to respond to his calling. When we are obedient the Lord blesses us more than we can imagine. We need to stop putting God in a box and thinking that our biggest hopes and dreams are His for our life as well. He has much bigger plans than we can imagine and wants to fulfill so much more in us and through us. We just have to be obedient to what or where he is calling us. Have you ever felt like God is calling you to do something? Make that dreaded phone call? Serve others before yourself?

Heres how you can take action.

Now its your turn. I love giving others a call to action (CTA) to help you decide what God is calling you to do. It doesn't have to be some big, huge inquiry either. Maybe its taking your new neighbor some home baked cookies, visiting a friend that you haven't seen in a while, making time to make a few phone calls and apologize for your behavior, having a genuine conversation with your spouse regarding a decision for the family, or reading your Bible first thing in the morning before your day starts. Whatever it is, remember that if he calls you to it, he will help you complete it. This has been such a huge help when faced with some tough decisions lately.  This verse has blessed me, and my prayer is that it will bless you too.  Write it down on sticky notes and place it around your home:

"For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ."  Phil 1:6

So heres to the unwritten chapter(s) that I pray God will give me wisdom and courage to write.

Use this scripture found in Philippians to help give you clarity for your life and go forth with confidence.

Blessings, Tyra

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