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There's plenty to go around

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Theres enough to go around Life can be rough and tough and is not always fair. On certain days I feel as if I give and give and never get what seems like an equal return. "Wheres my blessing for being so committed?" Have you ever felt that way? Im sure its just a moment in time certain days, however, it feels like eternity.

Can you relate?

On days like this, I would like to rewind time and have a do-over. Highly unlikely. These feelings may creep upon you in life, with our kids, in our marriage, in our career or business; there are going to be several times you feel this way. Its not a matter of IF, but when. Sitting back watching others succeed and receive blessings in what seem like your place. Trust me, there is no "blessing line" and you haven't been skipped. Life is about giving, helping, loving, encouraging, and so much more not because of what we will get in return but because God has asked us to. Keeping track of what we do to who, how, and when will not allow any more blessing to be thrown your way. You can not out bless others to receive yours. Honestly, I've had days I question all of these scriptures in the Bible and like a 2 year old say "I don't want to."  (Hey just keeping it real.) But, by the grace of God he helps me make better choices when I'm in question. Let me reassure you that there are particular, individual blessings with your name on them. Just because your neighbor gets a new car does not mean that you can not have one as well. Your coworker gets the promotion you were hoping for, your younger sister who just got married gets pregnant before you and you and your husband have been trying for 5 years. Or how about your best friend who is always taking those 1 week vacations and you want that for your family as well. You work hard too so why can't we take more vacations? We know we shouldn't covet our neighbors, but in instances like this, its difficult and we have to be real about our emotions. In weak times, God can help us be strong. Turn to him.

You are worthy

When you find yourself feeling/ thinking/ or reacting like this....Stop! Now, it may sound cliche to say count your blessings, but, let me ask you. Today, are you where you were last month or last year? There is something Every. Single. Day. that we can be thankful for.  I have learned to find joy in laundry, dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, and running errands. All of these monotonous chores need to be done, however I dread most of these items here. Relate? If we just stop to think why we do most of these, it stems from family. (Blessing in itself). Family is at the heart of life and all that we do. Our daily decisions, our planning, our motivation, our love, our giving, and our commitment. When the kids are all grown, the laundry diminishes, the dishes don't pile up, and the errands seem to stop; it brings a new direction and season. (A new set of blessings). See where Im going here. Life and seasons change. We don't know why our lives go the direction they do sometimes, but when we keep God at the front of our daily decisions, nothing is ever wasted. I don't want you to think that because you don't recieve a blessing you feel you deserve, God has forgotten about you. He has left you. He loves you any less. Sometimes the answer is no, or wait. Or he is preparing you for something else. BUT, the last thing you should do is think there are not enough blessings to go around. There is no such thing as a "blessing shortage." As I sit here and watch the Rio Olympics 2016 this last week, I am so happy for all of these hard working, dedicated athletes. Theres is no such thing as losers. They all have trained and stuck the course and deserve to be in Rio. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists were fortunate to have great days and be blessed with what they were given.  Amazing! So many athletes received metal.  Another example of enough blessings to go around. My prayer is that you will be happy for others, encourage others to go after their dreams, congratulate often, offer kind words, smile often, hug more, pray for others, form communities.  And remember, it doesn't matter what, how much, how often, or what kind of blessings others receive; if you are a child of God, YOURS is coming too! Theres plenty to go around...

"No good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly." Psalm 84:11

Your encourager, Tyra

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